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Virtual events


Is digital real or virtual? Both, of course. Interacting with the digital, We actually reach revelations and experience true emotions. It causes pleasant, supernatural (that is) elevation sensed in perfectly safe and comfortable real environment.

A virtual event is a creatively designed online event for a specific target group. It is an interactive web communication and a professional upgrade of the usual video web conferencing. It can be compared to a TV show, where the content needs a very special directing approach and carefully prepared content that holds the participant's attention. With the help of presentations, videos, interactive involvement of participants in moderated discussions, voting, directed contributions, we transmit the desired message to the participants in a safe, efficient, and innovative way.

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The event of the future is certainly a HYBRID EVENT, a new form of combined virtual communication. In hybrid meetings, it is extremely important to adapt the space, to place the equipment and the technical support in particular, as it must be considered that the projections and the speakers are heard and seen equally to all participants. Participants in the conference room as well as guests at a distance, must be provided with a quality event and we should try to transmit emotions and experiences from the location. It is a custom event, an exclusive and safe solution.

For the needs of virtual and hybrid events, we designed the Promo mobile studio, which consists of a professional and well-equipped technical team that adapts the space to the standards necessary for a successful hybrid event (wireless modem for internet, sound, lighting, camera, video mix,… .. ) and execute an event.

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