Is digital real or virtual? Both, of course. Interacting with the digital, we actually reach revelations and experience true emotions. This is how virtual world becomes a part of our real experiences. It causes pleasant, supernatural (that is) elevation sensed in perfectly safe and comfortable real environment.


Presentation of your company’s vision, learning about the product being development, services and experiences, which for the moment belong to the future or happen to be distant location-wise, are learnt and experienced via digitalisation here and now. Digitalisation appeases the curiosity and triggers charged magic. Once the products, services and experiences are placed on the market, people see them as familiar, known, tested, having actually experienced them.



  • Idea, plan, content
  • Registration and fees for the event
  • Administration and maintenance


LASER PROJECTIONS                     

  • Simple laser projections
  • Laser show accompanied by music


We oversee all the necessary cable and wireless connections, programming, transport, set-up, technical management and dismantling.

KINECT – new interactive way of communicating

Kinect is highly eye-catching modern technology which interactively connects us with the future via programmed graphics and content-perfected games. It works via Kinect camera, which detects human movement. It is the human movement that actually serves as the basis for movement of graphics on screen, as a person and his or her movement replaces the mouse cursor.

Kinect always and undoubtedly attracts a large circle of by-passers. It is and excellent “catcher” of attention on fairs and exciting attraction and relaxation, which informs on how the communication is state-of-the-art and pertaining to a highly technological company.


MAPPING – Projections onto buildings or large surfaces

An exciting projection technique, i.e., »Video Projection Mapping« with powerful projectors projecting video and graphic images onto large surfaces. This results in a video projection in several dimensions, which seemingly change the entire building, interior, scene, and location. The result is a dynamic video projection supported with background music of choice, highly suitable for promotion of:

  • products,
  • services,
  • cultural and sports events,
  • scenery backdrops, etc.

This projection technique is very popular all around the world, easily attracting the attention of by-passers, inviting and enthralling.