Everything the eyes can perceive at the event is like the heartbeat of the event. It provides a vital and invigorating flow of all communication.

Design is the crucial link between you and your guests. Respectful, functional and aesthetic.

Every detail counts.


We consult you with knowledge and experience on all stages of the event, to literally formulate your event into a connective unified package from the content and the idea to the complex visual image.


This means that your event acquires an overall image in all forms of designed information from printed promotional materials to individual messages, invitations, notices, scenography elements. While our designs carry a hint of humour, they always match and are coherent to your story.


Your event shall be organised and imaginatively supported with all communications media, from:

  • Printed promotional materials: invitations, catalogues, brochures, flyers, collections of scientific papers, expert printed materials, postcards, badges, etc.
  • Electronic communication: e-newsletters, e-mails, etc.
  • Websites, sub-pages, etc.
  • Advertising messages, banners, direction boards, signs, logos, etc.
  • Gifts, accessories, etc.


  • Online apps, for example for registrations to events, and similar.