Plasma flat screen

The flat plasma screen is a very popular image projection medium. The diagonal of the screen is between a monitor and a projector and it works very well as an indoor info screen or a medium for various presentations.

 It is an elegant choice for displaying a video images and/or computer graphics. Thickness of the screen is a mere 9 cm and it can be hung and suspended from the wall or inserted into a metal frame and placed on a table or a display. In addition to the screens, our equipment offer also includes frames for display of plasma flat screens on any location.

Our selection of screens:

18 inch LCD screen
22 inch LCD screen
26 inch LCD screen

42 inch plasma (106,68 cm), width: 100 cm, height: 75 cm, thickness: 9 cm.
50 inch LCD screen, full HD
60 inch plasma (155 cm), width: 147 cm, height: 88 cm, thickness 9 cm.

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