Other services


In addition to projectors, flat screens and projection screens, we offer the complete support equipment for a quality and professional image projection.

  • DVD players,
  • Video cameras
  • LCD TV (computer monitors), 18, 22 and 26 inch video data monitors,
  • Cabling,
  • Video Mix,
  • Computers.


It is always sensible to track, i.e. archive important events in the audio-visual format and technique, the most appropriate format for a long-time keeping. We can produce a video report of your activities, fair or event for your documentation and presentation needs.

Recording: subject to agreement, our crew visits the location with a camera and shoots the footage in the agreed technique.

Archiving and copying of video materials and films: the shot footage is archived accordingly and available for your needs at all times. Your old recordings can be added to the archive, or we can transform your footage into a contemporary, i.e. the most appropriate format.  

Summaries, video reports, and video films: using the shot footage, we make short summaries for special occasions, according to your previous instructions and wishes. We produce video reports, video films, presentations, films to be played during a special anniversary event of your company.

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