Technical Support

We have realized our dreams of being the best in offering audio/video and technical assistance for promotions, events, presentations, performances, and fairs. The quality of our technical services is proven by Agency Promo’s membership in the international organization Videorental, and we are capable of creating magic for our customers’ eyes and ears at even the most demanding events. Our high-end audio/video systems are distinguished by their high mobility; you can order your event at home or abroad. Our services stop only at the edge of space, but we would seriously consider providing solutions for your extra-terrestrial needs.

We are always at the epicenter of modern, new and innovative technolo gies and ideas. As a rule, we make extraordinary out of the ordinary. We can help you with our knowledge and advice in every step of the process, from conception to technical audio/video support. We want to work with you to make your dream event become reality.

Agency Promo will fulfi ll every unusual wish with even the most technically complicated presentations, from simple movie projections to demanding three-dimensional effects. Your imagination is the limit of what we can accomplish.

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