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At Promo, we love what we do. For 30 years, we have been designing business events with authentic stories, a pinch of humour and a touch of extravagance, from presentations, anniversaries, launching of products, fairs, symposiums, conferences, etc., to inspirational team buildings and incentive trips.

We design the event in full, by providing the creative, organisational and technical support, or only help our customers in specific segments they might require. Our Agency proposes the central idea and options for its execution, while events themselves are always a reflection of your strategy to achieve your goals and leave a mark on your particular target group. We are proud of being able to bring brave ideas to life together with you.


We know that products and their image as such don’t design events. Events are created by people with heart and energy. With both in place, all that is required is professional execution.


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Working in the financial, automotive, technology, pharmaceutical, medical (…) sectors, we do full stack event development, from concept determination to onsite activation.
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Innovative tech, turning abstract ideas into reality.

Events with (visual) identity.

Events with (visual) identity.

Case studies

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Happy clients
Happy clients
Happy clients
Happy clients

Currently 27Names exists of 18 agencies across Europe with over 500 brand strategists, creative designers, event producers and experimental innovators – always eager to collaborate on pan-European concepts. This collaboration enables us to roll out events & campaigns throughout Europe. This way we can guarantee local expertise in combination with strong concept and brand monitoring. Thanks to our close bond and frequent meetings, 27Names is a rich source of knowledge and inspiration.


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