Complete Solutions

We are the Agency of Complete Solutions; we fully disburden you of event organisation matters, but make sure you are our professional advisor i.e. that you oversee the realisation of the event. We are also the Agency covering particular stages of a project and we provide professional organisational or technical support.

As a rule we try to make something extraordinary form the ordinary and take advantage of effects in individual areas, providing an optimal, complete and custom-made solution.

Below are some of the events from our long reference list on how we approach the event and design a solution.

1. Visual experience

Museum halls are beautiful, peaceful and quiet, providing an excellent location, which is why they are highly desirable and appropriate locations for organising an event. However, organisers often encounter limitations regarding the limited access and the set-up of technical equipment in such spaces, as modifications in the museum halls are not possible.

But Promo, with its technical equipment and quality support can organise a unique experience for guests and appeal to all the senses. We received a task to present Slovenian Tourist Offer in the monumental Naturhistorische Museum, located in the centre of Vienna in an attractive way to over 700 guests.

Solution: We constructed a large projection pyramid, hung it under the high ceiling of the museum and projected eye-catching video clips onto its four surfaces. This is how the videos were seen by all the guests, no matter what their location in the hall, without modifications to the location. The entrance to the museum was lit in the colours of Slovene Tourism Organisation and the logos of the event were projected onto the front façade of the museum.

2. In the arms of the forest

A Company anniversary is a very special event and an excellent opportunity for presenting the milestones of the company's development, its previous successes and future strategies. At such occasions, the client wishes to present the company history, development, products and services in on night at one place. That is why on a particular event, we placed the business partners and guests of a Company celebrating 20th anniversary into the environment, where their products (saws, hatchets, etc.) are used – into a forest. The event was narrated by a moderator.

A stone’s throw from a big city, in a forest, down a macadam road to a forest meadow, where a fairytale –like white Unicommerce pavilion is standing. As the guests step out of the coaches they stop for a moment to look at the surrounding forest. They find themselves on a green meadow encircled by a beech forest.

Evening is slowly approaching. The forest dwarves and fairies are getting ready to go to sleep, But the sudden visit wakes them up, The dwarves are known for playing little tricks to woodsmen and accidental forest visitors: hiding backpacks, hatchets or hats and ringing a little basket of forest berries or a wild flower to the ladies.   

We conceived the complete idea behind the event, communication elements (press conference, printed materials, letter of announcement, invitations, and menus), the evening event, the performers and animation with a dwarf family. The forest fairies later made sure that no one left the event empty-handed.

3. Adventure of colours

The location chosen for the annual staff meeting or the i.e. cycle meeting with an entertaining building programme was the colourful region of Istria. The green peninsula is the ideal background for new challenges and exploration. During the four-day event, the participants met with rich Istrian cultural and natural heritage.

Humans are distinctly colourful beings. We see, feel, even hear and absorb colours. The idea behind the programme was submersion in colours.

Green Istria landscape fuelled us with comfort and relaxation, blue Istrian sea and sky with happiness and optimism. On the first day of autumn, when nature wraps itself in the beautiful warm colours, the participants themselves used a paintbrush and set themselves on an ADVENTURE OF COLOURS.

Under the guidance of an entertaining and experienced painter, all of the 45 participants created 45 masterpieces on the beach. On the adventure of colours, the participants passed on the painting one to another, each adding their own touch (of a paintbrush). One for all and all for one.

The paintings were exhibited in the company offices.

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