Team Building Programmes

We also offer team building programs. In these, people who work together closely in a business environment are faced with new tasks, challenges, and environments. Even roles will change, with the goal being that coworkers and partners get to know each other in different ways and to recognize the different characteristics and even hidden talents of the others. By successfully completing tasks, which offer physical, orientatative, and organizational challenges, a stronger and more efficient team is built, capable of successfully overcoming difficult obstacles in business environments.

The satisfaction of team building programme participants directly results in a more efficient output and improved business of the company team and indirectly in better identification of the employee with the company – i.e. »Corporate Identity«.

Promo will take care of everything - providing professional guides and contracted staff, the necessary equipment and tools. Whatever, whenever and wherever meeting is organised, we are aware that we are dealing with a specific target group with specific goals, in specific environments, which means that each and every programme is unique, unrepeatable and one of a kind.

We put all our efforts into bringing the alternative, freshness, excitement and experience into all our programmes, making them unique, unrepeatable and one of a kind – all in all different to what one could experience on one's own as a tourist or a traveller.

This is why we never run out of ideas to introduce an interesting theme into your business event.


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