Incentive Tour

We have been offering incentive travels for many years, which has been very valuable to our business clients. Incentive travel can be used as a reward and can stimulate better interpersonal relation ships amongst employees and business partners. Incentive travel can also be suitable for marketing activities for target groups of either merchants or consumers. During the trip, you can devote yourself to your fellow travelers in a relaxing environment which intensifi es your relationships.

Our most popular Incentive travels marketing activities include: Presentation of achieved goals, strategic orientation, trends in product and service development and brainstorming, etc., in other words: the global issues for companies and their business activities. We organise visits to similar companies and meet with businessmen from other and different environments, exchange views, experiences, learn about possible opportunities and threats.

The memories that stay forever are the most precious ones and Promo Agency makes sure that incentive travels are unforgettable and have a long-term effect.


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