Agency Promo

Agency Promo: dreams, falling on the ground 

Every story about success always seems too easy to be true, but it takes considerable effort and dedication to be successful for over 20 years. Enthusiasm itself is not enough. On the path of growth, there are numerous obstacles, stresses, crises. We at the Agency Promo have surpassed those obstacles for over a decade and a half, turned them to our advantage, and learned from them. We have gained both the trust of our partners and a good name.

Our experiences in designing custom presentations and events has made us excellent at predicting the unpredictable and avoiding unpleasantries. We always set realistic timeframes and meet our goals. At Agency Promo, the trust and respect of our customers is of ut most importance. We stimulate open communication, we proactively work to prevent any mishaps, and we work hard to assure a successful event. If the media announced that a global fl ood would occur only a few days before your event, we would provide enough boats for everyone, including both clients and performers, and would even consider building a fl oating event hall for the occasion. We would even hire Venetian gondoliers for the event. Why be afraid of a challenge? Every experience, even the unpre dictable ones, is precious to us.

In the beginning, there are always a few dreamers. The difference between those who can, after a few years, turn their dreams into blossoming suc cess, and those who continue staring, enraptured, into the sky is not in ideas - it is in action.


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